First Look PD provides unique repair insights on late model vehicles.

Insights on Parts Replaced on New Vehicles

First Look PD combines data on parts installed on new vehicles from millions of parts transactions. Derivative data is enhanced by adding PIES and ACES aftermarket coding to the part numbers and vehicles to provide insights on the product types and specific parts being replaced.

This unique information is in easy-to-use formats so better insights will enable better investment decisions. Detailed information on parts and vehicles allows drill-down capability.

First Look PD...

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Has data from over hundreds of millions of transactions with a geographic coverage across the USA, Canada, and Mexico

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OE part numbers are coded with PIES PartIDs, subcategory and category descriptions. Vehicles are coded with Five (5) ACES codes for easy linking to VIO and catalog data

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Includes the month/year the part was installed, when and where it was installed, and the vehicle mileage at the time of installation

Automotive Data Insights is the premier provider of simple, comprehensive products that optimize RO repair data. Our data provides insights into what parts are being replaced on new vehicles so better-informed investment decisions can be made for improved forecasting.